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1. Sample Attorney Website Design Contract

2. How to Organize Your Website to Boost Response (two pages):
    Part 1-  Organize by Client Problem, not Practice Area
    Part 2-  Two Techniques for Organizing by Client Problem

3. Low-Cost Resources for Attorney Website Design

4. Increase Website Response by Making Impulsive Contact Easy

5. Design Navigational Menus to Generate More Calls & Contacts

6. Use Internet Press Releases to Obtain Recognition & Higher Search Rankings

Website Marketing Resources

1. Website Statistics: For visitor statistics, I recommend IWebTrack. It's free until you reach 100,000 visitors per month, and you can easily see what search term brought in each visitor, what site that visitor came from, and how that visitor moved through your site, page by page, and how long the visitor spent viewing each of those pages.

2. Silently confirm that your emails have been received: Track your outgoing e-mail, and, without notice to the recipient, find out if and when the recipient opened your email using Read-Notify. Stop worrying about whether clients or opposing counsel are receiving your e-mails -- you can even set it to give you certified proof of opening. Amazingly cheap -- $24 per year for 2,000 e-mails; additional capacity available. You can decide to track all or only select e-mail.

3. Create Standard Responses to Emails: Shorten the time you spend answering e-mail. Save your replies to often-asked questions in AnswerTool, then reuse them again and again. At your option, share a knowledge base of answers among others in your office. Your associates and staff will then have access to clear, complete information and can answer questions about fees, hours, delegation and referral policies, and other issues consistently. $29.95 per user, discounted pricing for offices with more than 5 users.

4. Generate & manage email newsletters: A superb, easy-to-use online e-mail newsletter and e-mail alerts management tool is SendMetric. You can divide your clients and potential clients into common-interest groups and send a different, personalized message to each one automatically. Program silently tracks who opened what e-mail and whether they clicked on any links (to your website or elsewhere) in it or forwarded it to someone else. Automatically distinguishes between users of e-mail with graphics and users of plain-text e-mail. Use SendMetric's templates for graphical e-mail or have website designer create a custom layout for you. $400 covers initial installation and 3 hours walk-through training, $40 per month for 1,000 monthly e-mails with an annual subscription.

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