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I build law firm websites that use tested techniques, adapted from large website retailers, that help persuade your website visitors to contact you. If you're an experienced attorney and follow my expert advice on organizing and writing your text and promoting your site, these techniques will greatly improve the likelihood that you'll obtain a steady stream of new clients from your website.

Benefits Included in Flat-rate Price for Your Website

I charge a flat rate for every website. My minimum charge is $6,000 for up to 20 pages, including a home page, contact-us page, terms of use page, privacy policy, and up to 16 more pages of your choice. I offer additional flat-rate charges for more pages, for writing text, and for other unique services related to website creation and promotion. I accept installment payments of $1,000 down and $1,000 per month until your site is paid for, and can set up billing through Pay-Pal if you want to use a credit card for your installments. Every site I design includes the items shown on the following chart:

  • Home - designed to help quickly funnel each visitor to the most appropriate service page through callouts (small graphics on the side of the page), links placed in your text, and menu choices
  • Contact Us (with link to map and directions to your office)
  • Terms of Use (liability limitations & copyright protection, written by me)
  • Privacy Policy (satisfies Calif. B & P Code sec. 22575-22579, written by me)
  • Up to 16 more pages of your choice
  • A unique, original design. I'll create it to appeal to your particular client base, based on my discussions with you about your services, clients, and marketing goals
  • Permanent license to all text, design & programming on your site - you can add pages, change or update your text, design, or programming, or make other changes at any time using any web designer you select
  • Advertising-style photos from or, or similar
  • Minor retouching, resizing and resampling, and insertion of any photos of your attorneys, staff, building, or other items provided to me in a 200 dpi or higher resolution before your website is completed
  • Insertion of any videos provided in an MPEG, Windows Media, Quicktime, or Flash format (note: for all except Flash videos, you'll need to add streaming media abilities, such as that offered by for $15.00 per month, to your regular website hosting account)
  • Telephone number and contact button prominent on each page
  • Contact-Us form at the bottom of every page
  • Website design expands to fill the width of any visitor's screen between 1024 x 768 and 1600 x 1200
  • My XHTML and CSS programming meeting current W3C specifications and search engine optimization requirements.
  • Compliance with basic-level website disability access standards under Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act
  • Full visibility and operability of your site under Firefox version 2.0 and higher and Internet Explorer version 6 and higher.
  • Your text inserted and formatted as attractively as possible
  • My editing and rewriting of your text to improve its marketing appeal. All editing is done for your approval; I'll make any correction or changes you request
  • My writing of your title, description, and keyword metatags
  • Text updating software: included license and installation of WebEdit by Interspire so you can easily edit your website text directly on your screen, and make new attorney bio pages and new library article pages
  • Experienced advice on what service pages you need to include, how they should be named, and how your site should be organized for maximum marketing appeal.
  • Experienced advice on the text that needs to be on your home page, service pages, and bio pages, how to explain the benefits of your services, and how to gracefully explain any difficult items, such as your payment policies or limits on the types of matters you accept.
  • Advice and answers to your questions about how to promote your site, including the latest techniques for search engine positioning
  • Advice is provided without charge from the date your contract is signed until 60 days after your website is completed.
  • Free changes to any part of your website or its text for up to 60 days from the date your finished website is first posted online.
  • Changes after that are at my current hourly rate, billed in .1 hour increments, with no minimum time for any task. You are also free to have any other website designer you'd like change or add to your website using the files I've created

Package of 10 additional edited pages: $2500
Single additional page: $100 non-edited; OR
$250 edited
Later changes or additions to site or text $135 per hour, billed in .1 hr. increments

Domain name registration from $9 per year for .com, .net, .org, on your credit card

Shared-load hosting from

$10.00 per month, on your credit card
Optional: Website visitor statistics from
(Equally good product is free from Google Analytics, but it offers no privacy and takes your visitor data for Google's use. )
$9.00 per month for busy site; on your credit card
Optional: Inclusion in directory (Free listings are not available to businesses) $299 per year, on your credit card
Inclusion in search engine Free - page position depends mainly on age of domain name (older is better), text & raw number of sites linking to your site

Inclusion in search engine

Free - page position depends on your site's text & the number of popular sites both linking and sending vistors to your site


About Suuzen Ty Anderson, Esq.

I'm a California licensed, AV-rated attorney and a summa cum laude graduate of the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where I received extensive formal training in marketing and design. I graduated from the University of Denver Law School with an "A" average and practiced law in California for fifteen years, during which twenty-one of my cases were selected for publication. Since 1999, my business has been limited to law firm marketing. I speak and write extensively on the latest techniques for attorney internet marketing. For more information about my credentials, please see About Su.

How to Contact Suuzen Anderson:

You can reach me in Florida at (352) 366-4014, toll-free (888) 700-8800, or e-mail me at . If you prefer, you may use the form below to contact me. Thank you for considering me; I look forward to helping you.

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