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If you have an established law practice, I can help you bring in more clients from your website.
I'm law firm marketing specialist Suuzen Ty Anderson, and I create attorney websites that use the latest visitor-to-client conversion techniques. These design, copywriting, and organizational methods work together to persuade website visitors to call or contact you. I also provide expert web marketing advice by the hour to attorneys.
Many attorneys who contact me already have a website that is not producing business. Their sites lack the design, text, structure and promotional plan needed to bring in visitor traffic and convert that traffic to clients. If this is your situation, I can help you.
Website design is available on a flat rate; my minimum charge is $6,000 and includes my plan and recommendations for your site's content, my extensive advice for successfully marketing your particular practice online, my custom graphic design and programming for up to 20 pages, my editing of your text to improve its marketing appeal, an online text-updating system you can use to make changes to your website pages when you want, and many other features. Websites can be paid for by monthly installments by check or by Mastercard or Visa. Consulting and all other work is $135 per hour, prepaid by credit card or echeck using PayPal.
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Law Marketing Self-Help Library

My Law Marketing Self-Help Library is a free section in this site that explains techniques for law firm internet marketing, search engine positioning, and traditional law firm marketing using advertising, mail, brochures, and other common outreach methods.
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About Suuzen Ty Anderson, Esq.

I'm a California-licensed, AV-rated attorney and a summa cum laude graduate of the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where I received extensive formal training in marketing and design. I graduated from the University of Denver Law School with an "A" average and practiced law in California for fifteen years, during which twenty-one of my cases were selected for publication. Since 1999, my business has been limited to law firm marketing. I speak and write extensively on the latest techniques for attorney internet marketing.
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How to Contact Suuzen Anderson:

You can reach me in Florida at (352) 366-4014, toll-free (888) 700-8800, or e-mail me at . If you prefer, you may use the form below to contact me. Thank you for considering me; I look forward to helping you.
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